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Retro Festival is a container of culture! Conceived and imagined through the common thread of vintage fashion and a return to past, elegant and refined atmospheres, the event revolves around the three cadine elements: the SWING Festival, the WINE Tasting and the VINTAGE Market, three worlds strongly connected to concepts such as Culture, Fashion, Entertainment and Healthy Entertainment. Rètro wants to give all those who love the ancient atmosphere the opportunity to choose between a vinyl or a gramophone to take home, listening to jazz of the 30s and elegantly tasting at the same time a glass of excellent wine. Wear unique garments made by stylists who are inspired by the fashions of the past, dance on swing music on the notes of the greatest musicians of the Italian scene. The event will be open to all, will take place in the heart of the city of Terracina and during the day you will be at the seaside, there will be establishments dedicated to the guests of the festival.
Retro dress code is welcome: CHOOSE YOUR TIME!

The idea is to give everyone, fans and not, the opportunity to share a day with some of the best artisit of Italian Comics in a calm and relaxed atmosphere. You will be the witness of the magic process which transforms an idea in a complex story made with pancils, china, talent, skill and passion.

This is what we propose to do and we hope that this initiative can make known our beautiful city in the world of china and maybe give her a little more visibility!